Min Wae AungBurma
Fresh from his extensive travels through the United States and Europe in 2000, Min Wae Aung's new series of work reflects the artist's preoccupation with light and shadows. Experimenting with colours and shadows to make even more stunning and dramatic paintings, this new series was first shown in Singapore in September 2001 much to the relish of an enamoured following.

Min Wae Aung was born in Danubyu, Myanmar in 1960.

Art Masters: U Goon, U Mya Aye, U M Tin Aye, U Thu Kha, U Kyaw Hlaing, U Ba Sway, U Ba Yin Galay and U Ba Yin Gyi.

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I often get asked why I show most of my figures from the back, and not in profile or full face. The face tells an immediate story, but seen from the back, the mystery about the person is not so easily revealed.

Well known for capturing imaginations with his contemporary graphic portrayal of Burmese monks and nuns, Min Wae Aung's latest show travels through Burmese villages to unveil the simple beauty of Burmese tribal people and their way of life.

"They live simple lives. They know and love beauty. They make themselves beautiful with things around them" says Min Wae of his muses. Flowers worn preciously and hand woven cloths adorn their proud selves, indicating a confidence in their natural surrounding. Min Wae's subjects possess bravery while living politically turbulent but physically simple lives.

The artist's well recognized preoccupation with light and shadow continues through this collection, making it hard to believe he was once a true traditionalist in style and form. Born in Danubyu, Burma in 1960, Min Wae Aung studied Fine Arts in Rangoon and has since traveled all over the world for his exhibitions. His work is featured by the Westfries Museum, Netherlands and the Singapore Art Museum and is regularly showcased at art fares. Min Wae Aung's works are held by both private and corporate collectors worldwide.