Karin Weber Gallery

Upcoming Exhibition

Past Exhibitions

‘A Trove of Small Treasures’

‘Lodge of Tranquility’

‘Le Bon Temps:’
Solo exhibition by Wang Gang

‘From 3G to 4G’

‘The Invisible Visible’

‘Brief Encounters’

‘Concealed Spaces:’
New Works by Tina Buchholtz

‘The Road:’
Photographic Works by Tse Ming-chong

‘Black + White’

‘Masters of Myanmar:’
New Works by Aung Myint and Min Wae Aung

‘The Substance of Shadows’

‘A Touch of Glass’

‘Crush On My City’

‘Triple Domes:’
Works by Huang Zhe, Hong Dan & Yang Fang Tao,
curated by Peng Jie

New Works by Stephen Wong Chun Hei and Eric Fok

‘Wood Whispers’

‘A Hong Kong Everyday:’
New Works by Brainrental, Elvis Yip and Joyce Lung

‘Shifting Surfaces:’
Group Show by German Artists Willi Siber, Angela Glajcar, Udo Nöger and Tina Buchholtz

‘Fay Ku: Arcadia’

‘Seeking Inner Peace:’
Works in Ink by Xu Jingwen and Angel Hui

Far East Chronicle

Then Is Now Introductory Show & The Making Of Babel Hong Kong

Pure Light: New Works by Udo Nöger

The Sound of Silence

We Must Imagine Sisyphus Is Happy

‘Composing Stories with Fragments of Time:’
Works by Kurt Chan, Annie Wan, Francis Yu, Luke Ching, Angela Su, Lau Chi Chung, Carmen Ng, and Elva Lai

Liu Feng Solo Exhibition

‘Surface and Beneath:’
Works by Peter Panyoczki

‘“Yangon Made My Heart Beat Fast:”
New Contemporary Art from Myanmar’

Food Matters

‘The Other Story’ curated by Ying Kwok

Geometries Of Colour

What Has Been, Will Be Lost Until We Find It

Conversations In Ceramic