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Artwork Details


Yeou Jui Cho


2022 4




mixed media on linen


101.6 × 71.1cm






Yeou Jui Cho moved to Hong Kong from the United States in 2005 and was employed by the Academy of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University. After experiencing the ecological and social environment of New York, she contemplates the theme of her creations, turning her eyes from gazing at the corners of the city to the vast world, depicting the real world through accurate reproduction of photographic images, and showing the various realities that have moved her.

The unique ‘water stains’ were first created in Hong Kong and have since become symbolic of Yeou Jui Cho’s works. They enrich the visual experience and expand possibilities, creating a unique visual appeal and an element of intrigue. Water stains play different roles in different paintings. They can be clouds in the sky or floating imagery. Sometimes, trance is a sentimental reminiscence of the past, and sometimes it is throbbing vibrant joy and exultation. Inspiration often happens in the blink of an eye. It can be encountered but not sought after. It may be the result of coincidence or due to the accumulation of life experience.

Cho’s recent ‘Cloud Series’ is a new height of her artistic pursuit, describing the beauty of the clouds and blue sky. The clouds are sometimes thick and sometimes the sky is blue after rain just like life, which can be unpredictable. She captures the moment when the clouds are constantly disappearing and forming, and the intensity of the sunlight renders the sky in different shades. Each ray of light conveys different emotions. Cho carefully distinguishes the intensity of sun and the temperature of the sky, presenting eternal beauty and disillusionment between sky and earth.

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