Karin Weber Gallery

Past Exhibitions

‘A Trove of Small Treasures’

‘Lodge of Tranquility’

‘Le Bon Temps:’
Solo exhibition by Wang Gang

‘From 3G to 4G’

‘The Invisible Visible’

‘Brief Encounters’

‘Concealed Spaces:’
New Works by Tina Buchholtz

‘The Road:’
Photographic Works by Tse Ming-chong

‘Black + White’

‘Masters of Myanmar:’
New Works by Aung Myint and Min Wae Aung

‘The Substance of Shadows’

‘A Touch of Glass’

‘Crush On My City’

‘Triple Domes:’
Works by Huang Zhe, Hong Dan & Yang Fang Tao,
curated by Peng Jie

New Works by Stephen Wong Chun Hei and Eric Fok

‘Wood Whispers’

‘A Hong Kong Everyday:’
New Works by Brainrental, Elvis Yip and Joyce Lung

‘Shifting Surfaces:’
Group Show by German Artists Willi Siber, Angela Glajcar, Udo Nöger and Tina Buchholtz

‘Fay Ku: Arcadia’

‘Seeking Inner Peace:’
Works in Ink by Xu Jingwen and Angel Hui

Far East Chronicle

Then Is Now Introductory Show & The Making Of Babel Hong Kong

Pure Light: New Works by Udo Nöger

The Sound of Silence

We Must Imagine Sisyphus Is Happy

‘Composing Stories with Fragments of Time:’
Works by Kurt Chan, Annie Wan, Francis Yu, Luke Ching, Angela Su, Lau Chi Chung, Carmen Ng, and Elva Lai

Liu Feng Solo Exhibition

‘Surface and Beneath:’
Works by Peter Panyoczki

‘“Yangon Made My Heart Beat Fast:”
New Contemporary Art from Myanmar’

Food Matters

‘The Other Story’ curated by Ying Kwok

Geometries Of Colour

What Has Been, Will Be Lost Until We Find It

Conversations In Ceramic

‘Notes On The Future’


‘Six Briefcases’

‘Jonathan Thomson: Sculpture’

Echoing Harmony: Solo Exhibition by Li Ting Ting

Alchemy: New Works by Willi Siber

Place To Place

Reflections On Paper

Of All Things Cute – Chow Chun Fai, Daisuke Teshima, Joey Leung Ka Yin & Rosanna Li Wei Han

‘你好嗎 I Am Fine’

‘Castles In The Air’

Artsy x Art Central 2020| Booth C09

‘Her Song: Abstract Compositions By Tina Buchholtz And Tsang Chui Mei’

Wish You Well

Fine Art Asia 2021 | Booth C2

‘Day Or Night’: New Works by Tsang Chui Mei

Reclaiming Little Things – A Non-Solo of Lee Suet Ying in association with John Aiken, Ho Siu Kee and Jaffa Lam

Myanmar Voices: We Are Still Here

Art Aid Campaign by William Lim

A Cow’s Head And A Horse’s Jaw

Art Central 2021 | Booth 05

Angela Glajcar: ‘Scale Matters’

Flowers In The Window: Solo Exhibition by Carmen Ng

A Book Act 1

Dawn Beckles and Timothy Hon Hung Lee: ‘New Britannia’

Asia Now – Paris Asian Art Fair 2022 | Booth M02 in the section Cour Mansart

Fine Art Asia 2022 | Booth C3

Paloma Castillo: ‘Embroidering the Everyday’

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Goodbye, Hello.

Aung Myint: A New Era, 1995 – 2021

Art Central 2022 | Booth A7

Scale Matters – Solo Exhibition By Angela Glajcar


Ananda – The Journey of Joy


Whispering Canopies

Fine Art Asia 2023 | Booth F2

Myanmar: Faces and Figures

Master Chui’s Kitchen

Botanical Wonders


Art Central 2023 | Booth A3

Masterclass: New Works by Willi Siber


Emily Allchurch: ‘Multi Storied’

Seven Weeks Five Days

Art Central 2024 | Booth B04

Gaze of the Unknown

tong1 fong4

Against the Tide: Myanmar Art in the Moment

A Slice of Time