Karin Weber Gallery

Eric Fok: Renaissance 2

Joey Leung Ka Yin: Victoria’s Small Size Girdle

Merry Drunk

Chui Pui Chee: Seven-character Couplet in Running Script The Peach Blossom Fairy did plant many a Peach Blossom tree fine. Cutting the Peach Blossom branch, he sells them to buy himself wine.

Carmen Ng: Before The Evening

Ivy Ma: Think of Flowers

Frank Tang: A Night In Shing Mun Reservoir

Kate Ouyang: Confused Memory

Annette Marie Townsend: Orchid

Annette Marie Townsend: The Collector #5

Tsang Chui Mei: Illusionary

Tsang Chui Mei: Ruin

Yeou Jui Cho: 2022 1

Yeou Jui Cho: 2022 4

Go Hung: I Shit Clean

Joey Leung Ka Yin: The Gluttonous Snake

Ivy Ma: Home For Runaway Girls

Eric Fok: A New World - Cuba

Frank Tang: A Heart Is A Heavy Burden (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Chui Pui Chee: Chui’s Mahjong

Joey Leung Ka Yin: Outline Of The Peak

Joey Leung Ka Yin: Flower and Vessel: Don’t wake me up

Annette Marie Townsend: Flight of the Bumblebees, Crab apple

Annette Marie Townsend: The Collector #2

OrangeTerry: To Believe, Or Not To Be Leaf

Eric Fok: Renaissance 1

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Installation Photo: 2

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Installation Photo: 4

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Exhibition Details


Art Central 2023 | Booth A3

Date + Time

22th to 25 March 2022


Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre